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If you're a trainer, coach or event organizer that wants to increase revenue, reach a larger audience and provide a more interactive virtual race, welcome.


How It Works

Enter an event or invite your friends and race against others in real-time, with live updates, anywhere and outdoors.




Open Mode

Use this mode to track your run. Like all run tracking apps, we'll track your distance, pace, and time and provide you with a speed heated map of your result to share with your friends.

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Race Mode.png

Race Mode

Use this mode to race against friends or strangers from around the world. Create your own race or join a race and compete against other athletes from the comfort of your own neighborhood. Races start a specific times and you'll be updated through audio cues on your position, pace, distance and time throughout the race.

Event Mode

Use this mode to host or participate in your favourite events. We provide event organizers with a truly interactive virtual race. Set date, set time, real, live results. Runners who are signed up for the event will enter a lobby on race day, start running after the countdown and receive updates through audio cues on their position, pace, distance and time during the race.

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We're proud to be helping these businesses provide their runners with a truly interactive virtual race.

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